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About SocIT

SocIT exists to take technology to those organizations that work​ primarily with the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. That's why our name is a play on the word society!

We aim to enable our customers to provide healthcare in an efficacious, efficient, transparent, accurate and cost-effective manner that would otherwise be out-of-bounds for the populations they serve.

The stability and cost-effectiveness of our solutions comes from the use of Open Source Software and platforms. Our software solutions incorporate international health standards while ensuring statutory compliance.

Palampur is a hill station in the Kangra Valley in  Himachal Pradesh.

It is surrounded by pine forests and flanked by the Dhauladhar ranges.

The town derives its name from the local word palum, meaning "much water". There are numerous streams flowing from the mountains to the plains from Palampur.


The combination of greenery and water gives Palampur a distinctive look.

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25 Hospitals

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