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EasyCare HMS™ has been developed for charitable hospitals that operate in resource-constrained settings, serving populations that are poor and marginalised.

EasyCare HMS is patient-centric, process-oriented and data-driven. The product is offered in two variants to fit the hospital's need.

EasyCare HMS™ Core

The Core modules are foundational and are designed to drive efficiency and comply with statutory requirements in the non-clinical processes of the hospital.

  • Registration

Configurable business rules to manage consultant availability and registration charges. 

  • Billing

Hospital-wide and departmental billing of services and items with pre-configured patient profiles as well as discretionary charity.

  • Inventory Management

Centralised procurement and auto-refill of stock in departments. Sales and internal consumption tracking.

  • Pharmacy

Paperless dispensing and stock management

  • Laboratory

LOINC driven and configurable workflow with auto-analyser interfacing capabilities

  • Radiology

Support for rich text templates as well as RADLEX forms

  • Reporting

Extensive Financial, Inventory, Management and Statutory Reports with Dashboards and Custom Report capabilities.

  • Application Administration

Manage users, roles, fees, locations, geography, SMS notifications, OPD sessions and special patient profiles.

EasyCare HMS™ EMR

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) variant adds to the Core capability of EasyCare HMS. It provides paperless clinical workflows in the Outpatient, Emergency and Inpatient processes.

  • Outpatient, Emergency and Inpatient

View patient history across visits and transparently manage the process from Registration to Dispense (outpatients) and Registration to Discharge (inpatients).

  • Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Record the history of present illness, ICD10 diagnosis, order services, prescribe medication and grant charity.

  • Ordering and Tracking of Multi-pulse Therapies

Define the treatment regime for illnesses such as Tuberculosis and Leprosy. Track progress and compliance graphically across visits.

  • Clinical Notes

Specialised forms for Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Physiotherapy, Counselling, Leprosy.

  • Nursing Care

Administer medication, respond to nursing instructions from doctors, record progress notes, track patient intake/output.

  • Operation Theatre

Schedule patient for surgery, book OT slot, record surgery progress and post completion notes.

EasyCare HMS Datawarehouse


This is our latest offering for Hospital Networks that want to incorporate data-driven business intelligence into decision making. Consolidate EasyCare HMS data across multiple hospitals over secure channels.

Explore and analyse long-term trends in your data, use powerful visualisation tools to communicate findings and take action.

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EasyCare EMR

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