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Receipt Format Improvements

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We are making improvements to the Receipt format in EasyCare based on customer feedback. This article explains the reasons and introduces the changes.


What's driving this change

There are two primary reasons for the change, both are based on customer feedback:

  1. Flatten the format so that medication lines fit on one line, rather than wrap to two or more lines.

  2. Make charity and discounts clearer to the patient. In hospitals where drugs and supplies are sold at rates lower than MRP, it was felt that the savings are not easy to identify in the current format.

The New Format

A number of changes were required to accommodate the requests. The following graphic highlights the areas where you will see changes in the printed receipts:

The yellow highlights show the 5 big changes in the format
Figure: Five areas of change highlighed on the receipt
  1. On medication lines the Generic name has been dropped to save space. Only Brand name and the Manufacturer (if enabled in EasyCare for your hospital) will be printed.

  2. Batch and Expiry are separate columns. The expiry date will take the MM/YY format.

  3. MRP has been introduced so that the patient can see both your selling rate and charity against it.

  4. GST amounts have been dropped at the line level. Instead the receipt will show GST % at the line level and a new summary table of GST amounts now appears at the bottom of the receipt. For countries where GST does not apply, these changes will not be visible.

  5. A line with Total Savings has been introduced that provides the patient a quick summary of total savings on MRP.

Other changes to Printing

Currently, we have a restriction that forces all receipt printing counters to use either Dot-matrix or Laser printing.

In version 21.10, this restriction is removed. You can have different printing options at different counters: laser and dot matrix will now both be available. The default option can be changed by the user. The system will remember the choice for the rest of the user's session.

Continuous Stationery for Dot Matrix Printing

SocIT recommends the use of full-width, 80 column continuous stationery, 80 GSM weight. If you have been using narrower paper, please ensure you purchase the full-sized stationery.

The changes are being tested and will start rolling out in October, 2021. If you have questions, please call or write to us at EasyCare Support.


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