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EasyCare HMS v23.05 Release Notes

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Our Summer Release for this year is here. We heave a sigh of relief as it has taken us a lot of time and effort to get to this point. This is a major release with over 300 changes made to the application.

Significant Features in EasyCare Core

The list below represents some of the larger improvements we have made in the application.


  • To improve security and accountability of users, we have restricted login sessions to only one per user. If user-2 logs in with user-1's id, user-1 will automatically be logged out. EasyCare Admins must ensure every user logs in with his/her own id and have their passwords confidential.


  • Support for Plastic Patient Card (Credit Card sized Patient Cards with Hospital Branding and patient number barcode)

  • Support for Thermal printers

  • Support for Registration Renewal charge on a periodic basis (4832)

My Patients

  • OPD Consultation Printout (4827)

  • Performance improvements on the My Patients tab (4884)

  • Emergency listing rationalised (4863)

    • Retain patients for 24 hours from registration date regardless of patient examined status

    • Move patients to the Previous tab after 24 hours

  • Capture reason for reassignment in My Patients (4806)

  • Ability to order the next MDT milestone before the current milestone is marked complete (4788)

  • Switch Type button on Prescription - Prescribe manual orders for items that are not stocked by the hospital (4851)

  • Discharge progress status on the Inpatients listing page (4821)

  • Discharge Summary footer introduced. Hospitals can setup custom footer text that will be included on the printout (4774).

  • EMR supervisory review extended to the last 5 days - previously current day only (4841)


  • Purchase Order screen improvements (4782)

    • Sort PO lines by Generic names to ease review against low-inventory view

    • Search filter for items

    • Items fulfilled before the PO is approved now becomes non-editable and will require the lines to be removed.

  • Show Hospital current stock Qty on the PO Create/Edit page

  • Material Receipt - Additional filters - Vendor, Invoice date search (4802)

  • Material Receipt - Ability to add additional batches when receiving (4766)

  • Item Types can now be classified as 'Pharmacy' and 'Non-Pharmacy' to improve GST handling


  • Ability to mark fee categories for over-the-counter settlement in IP. E.g., For investigations

  • Bill another visit button introduced which is shown to the biller if the patient has unbilled orders from another consultation done in the day (4919)

  • Support for Hospitals with GST Advance Ruling for IP Exemption (4931)

  • Included MRP for items on receipt -- makes charity granted clearer to the patient (4752)

  • E-Wallet payments will round off


  • Revenue Report vs Cash Collection Report - further accuracy improvements.


  • Support for the recording of descriptive lab reports using browser-based CKEditor (4779)

New CPOE - Enhancements

  • OPD Triage - process step introduced to allow vitals recording (4903)

  • Ability to print past visit history for a patient (4820)

  • Refinements to History retrieval and detection of end-of-historical records (4880)

  • Authorised clinicians can query price of services in the EMR (4881)

  • Major redesign and rebuild of the Systemic Examination panel (4804)

  • Notification of archived Antenatal note in current visit (4719)

  • Fulfillable services can be now marked as pre-complete and complete in the EMR (4713)

  • Show stock quantity on prescription chooser (drop down) (4783)

  • Edit All - Bulk edit of prescriptions (4822)

  • Refinements to Surgery Template Management


Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

The following fixes should reduce the number of exceptions on screen, bring down instances of the progress bar and improve the application's availability. Some of these fixes are done in response to support calls received.

  • Application stability improvements - database connection management

    • Found and fixed locks when changing additional role in User Management (4801)

    • Found and fixed locks on stock transfer to departments - manifested to users as progress bar on transfer sometimes (3915, 4270)

    • Database locks created due to exceptions on the My Patients screen

  • Fixed: Registration - Incorrect dues on screen for credit profile patient with deposit (4184)

  • Fixed: Registration - Bug that prevented queue number from being reset for newly added OPD/Emergency session (4757)

  • Fixed: Billing - Service line quantity getting reset to 1 after 'Saving as Estimate' (4810)

  • Fixed: Billing - Fixed issue where medication lines were disappearing when a medicine with multiple batches was being replaced with an alternate batch with sufficient quantity (4892).

  • Fixed: Stores - Items with Daily Consumption Qty = 0 appearing on the low-inventory view (4835)

  • Fixed: Stores Material Receipt - found and fixed corner cases involving return quantities (4864)

  • Fixed: Allow charity editing after save as estimate (4792).

  • Fixed: Credit Profile patient granted from Fund - Mismatch on revenue report (4895)

  • Fixed: Lab result recording issue when ref range missing for patient's gender and age (4803)

  • Fixed: Material Receipt - Removing all lines on an approved PO and saving caused an exception (4759)

  • Fixed: Multiple corner case bugs in Package Management & Package billing

  • Fixed: Multiple charity allocator issues (4323)

  • Fixed: 'Next visit free' caused a mismatch on the cash report (4756)

  • Fixed: Recording of death time - corner cases in neonatal death (4874)


New Permissions Introduced

The following permissions have been added to the application to enable finer management control over screens and data visible to users. Existing roles will need to be updated with the new permissions by the EasyCare administrator in your hospital.


This permission now controls which roles have access to the Services section on the billing page. This permission will need to be added to all roles that do service billing.


This permission now controls which roles have access to the Medication and Other Items sections on the billing page. This permission will need to be added to all roles that do medicine / item billing.


A Consultant who can post surgeries, be listed in surgery posting etc.,


A Consultant who is to be listed as an Anaesthetist

OPD Supervisor Department

A Consultant who can review OPD patients examined by all doctors in their own department. Assign this permission to Clinical Department Heads.

OPD Supervisor Hospital

A Consultant who can review OPD patients examined by all doctors across the hospital. Assign this permission to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.


By default registration staff cannot edit patient details once they have registered a patient. With this permission, Registration staff will be able to edit the details of patients they registered today via the View/Edit Registered button.


Edit patient name, address and other demographic details on the Patient Profile Updates screen. Previously, one permission controlled access to the entire Patient Profile Updates screen. In the current release, each section is controlled by it's own permission.

So, to edit patient details, the user must have PatientDetailsUpdate permission. To add or modify Discount Profiles, the user must have PatientDiscountProfileUpdate permission. Similarly, for Credit Profile edit, the user must have PatientCreditProfileUpdate permission.

These changes were made to give the management team more flexibility in defining operational roles in EasyCare.


Senior consultants who are authorised to approve and save EMR records. This pertains to our new EMR. This permission controls who can mark a consultation as 'complete'. Doctors without this permission can only make notes, which the senior consultant will review and save.


Access the User Directory in the EasyCare Home page. Users with this permission can access the Hospitals user directory which lists staff and phone numbers. In this version, by default, users will not have access to the directory.


View Inpatients Report. This permission controls which users can see the Inpatients currently admitted in the hospital. Earlier, the report was visible to all users. Now it has been restricted to users who have this permission.


View billing and deposit summary on the current inpatients report. In this version, the current bill amount and deposit amounts are shown only to users who have the permission.


Bill Custom Orders - both advance and balance. EasyCare now supports "Custom Orders" in Order Management for departments that provide custom services such as Prosthesis, Footwear etc., which have to be custom-manufactured for a patient. The workflow includes taking measurements, estimation, advance collection, fitting, final billing and delivery.


Query Fee Charge from the new EMR. This allows doctors with the permission to query the Hospital's Fees for price information. Useful in cases where the patient needs to be advised on the approximate surgery cost.


The full change log may be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Download PDF • 63KB

Rollout Schedule

The rollout has just begun for this version. This is a mandatory upgrade. We will get in touch with you over the next 2 months to schedule time for the upgrade. In the meantime, we urge our users to review this release note. Please contact us on support if you have questions.

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