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EasyCare HMS v21.10 Release Notes

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The chill is in the air (where we are) and our second maintenance release this year is ready for deployments. This is not a mandatory update, so please review the notes and call us if you want the upgrade.

This release features the following key improvements:


  • Receipt format improvements: Flattened the format so that medication lines fit on one line; charity and discounts are made clearer to the patient. See more.

  • Added MRP on the receipt for newly billed items so the patient can see the discount he/she is receiving from the hospital.

  • Print sticker for inpatients: an option similar to what comes in Registration tab after registering a patient in OPD

  • Patient charts that are checked out automatically are cleared, reducing the size of the check-in list.

  • Removed Card expiry details recording on Card payments

  • Fixed the problem of special characters causing label printing to break


21.10 brings a host of useful reports.

  • Sales Report has been updated in EasyCare HMS.

  • The GSTR2 report now captures issues (consumption of items) from Direct Transfer stores.

  • A printable Consultant Share Report is provided that can be used to generate the monthly statement for consultants engaged in the hospital on a share basis.

  • Department Store Transfer & Return Value Report to review the value of stock transferred to and returned from individual department stores. This is useful to track the monetary value of the transfers from and to the Central Store.

  • Similarly the new Vendor Purchase & Return Value Report helps you review the value of purchase and returns of stock transacted with vendors.

  • Consolidated Financial Report gives a comprehensive view of the financials for the hospital for any time period. This is a paid report.

  • Monthly Stock Audit report to audit the stock on shelf in a department store. The audit criteria is based on the ABC Analysis Report in EasyCare HMS. This is a paid report.


  • Inventory tracking period can now be set in days, weeks or months.

  • Provision to issue stock (for consumption) from Direct Transfer stock in order to reverse Input Tax Credit

  • Added PO Line item status to the Purchase Order display


  • Added an option in the discount profile for billing at cost price, thereby aiding the hospitals to provide free or subsidized care for indigent patients

  • Changed the Parent Selection field to Generic Chooser in Edit Location: to select any location from the long list of defined locations for big hospitals


  • Biopsy form can be printed soon after Save.

  • Modified the audit trail to display the user's name for each entry in History of Present Illness

  • Fixed the problem of unusable popup control for patients with many visit records

  • MDT: Can order the next milestone if the current one has started, but not completed


  • Included Patient Number and Name on the Barcode Sticker (NABH Requirement)

  • 'LAB Loincs' tab has been introduced to list the LOINC codes

  • Document / Lab Printing: Set Start Date = End Date


  • Database gets updated with new ICD codes for Covid 19


  • PACS Integration - Picture Archiving & Communication System

  • Integration to the Mindray BC3000 plus Lab Analyser

Apart from the 25 enhancements, around 50 bugs have been discovered and fixed in this release.


We have changed the way we number our versions. With this version, the version number will follow the format YY.MM where YY is the year and MM is the month of the release.

There will be two releases a year. A major release in the 4th month, April, which will be mandatory to accept. We will roll it out to all our customers.

The second release of the year will be in the 10th month, October. This is a non-mandatory upgrade and will need to be requested by the customer.

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