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EasyCare HMS v2.8.1 is rolling out!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

This is the biggest release we've ever done. With over 500 changes and improvements, EasyCare HMS v2.8.1 features new capabilities such as:

  • Auto-analyser Integration in the EasyCare HMS Lab module

  • Charity Allocator

  • Tally Integration

  • SMS Integration

  • Geography Configuration

  • Package Pricing & Dependent Services Pricing

  • Stricter Purchase Order & Material Receipt validations

  • Calendar control with Year and Month drop downs

  • Bikram Sambath calendar support (specifically for Nepal)

  • Upgraded dot matrix printing technology that runs in the latest browsers

  • https support

  • and many improvements to existing screens based on customer feedback

The detailed v2.8.1 Release Notes may be downloaded here:

Download PDF • 51KB

Release Videos

We have made video and feature demos available below. The videos are organised by roles. Please do take the time to watch them and also point the users in your hospital to these videos.

Since the videos show screen demonstrations, we recommend that you watch it on a desktop or laptop, full-screen.

The videos have voice-overs, so do plug in your headphones as well.


For users who enter Charity

MUST WATCH: Charity Entry Training video [5 min]


Registration Staff

New Feature: Read about our improved Barcoded Patient Label [2 min]

New Feature: Chart Management Check In/Out [4 min]



New Feature: Pricing in Packages [7 min]





MUST WATCH: Charity Allocator Changes video [9 min]

New Feature: Tally Integration demonstration video [10 min]

This is a paid feature, so please contact us if you are interested.


Lab Staff

New Feature: Lab Analyser Integration article. This is a paid feature, so please contact us if you are interested.


A version dedicated to health workers!

This release has been a massive undertaking. More than 86,000 lines of code was written and tested during this release. This represents an increase of 28% in the codebase since the last release (v2.7.1).

All our customers will be upgraded to the latest release as part of the deployment plan.

The bulk of development and testing work was done during the tough year that witnessed extraordinary circumstances created by the pandemic for all of us.

We are grateful for the selfless service rendered by health workers. We salute your courage and dedication in these times.

We hope that this update will make life better for you and will enable you to serve patients better.

Looking forward

We are happy to announce that we have begun work on a rewrite of our EMR solution that will use a new technology stack. This is again a massive undertaking and we will keep you posted on progress.

A PACS solution is also under development and we should have some updates in the days to come.

Should you have questions on the current release, please write to us at our Support e-mail address.

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