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Version 2.7.1 is out!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

RELEASE DATE: 13-May-2020

The team at SocIT is glad to announce the release of version 2.7.1 to all our customers. This release brings together 37 changes that include features, improvements and fixes.

The highlights are given below.


  • We have now built the ability to track Lab Order progress into the Examined Patient's Listing page. The doctors can also preview results as soon as they are recorded and saved in the lab.


  • EasyCare is now capable of auto-analyser integration. We are able to interface with analysers with RS232 and Serial ports using our custom built Serial Gateway module running on a Raspberry Pi. The solution is live in the Duncan Hospital.

  • New compact layout on the Lab Report to minimise paper use.


  • Print barcoded labels for use on Patient Cards / Medical Records.

  • Medical Record Check in/out - For hospitals that rely on paper records, track where and when the file was sent to aid recovery.


  • The Calendar control has been enhanced to allow selection of year and month from a drop down.

  • Document Printing now support Lab Reports. Centralise all patient record printing in the Hospital.

Over 18 bugs were discovered and fixed.

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