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Announcing Version 2.7.2!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

RELEASE DATE: 26-Nov-2019

We're delighted to bring out another release this year. Version 2.7.2 was built specifically for one of our hospitals who needed a few urgent changes. The features listed here will be included in v2.8 which is scheduled to be released in August, 2020.

The highlights are given below.


  • We have delinked Physio Assessments from Surgeries (which means you can schedule the physio assessment without having to schedule a surgery). The changes require a data fix to be run on your database which will be handled as part of the upgrade.

  • The mandatory check to record surgery reason has been dropped.

  • VMT/ST assessments can be marked as "-" for patients whose limbs are cast in Plaster of Paris. Similarly, the sensitivity test for palms and soles can be skipped.

  • Surgery date and time is now prepopulated

  • Headers on the Discharge Summary pop-up (first visit after IP discharge) now shows past discharge information.

  • OPD metrics now show on the Consultant’s display queue even when the OPD Queue is empty

  • Current doctors assigned patients will now be sequenced above the unassigned patients


  • Stock value now includes items that have their “Subject to Expiration” set, but have null Expiration dates

  • Added validations to ensure duplicate batches are not added on a Material Receipt (this may sometimes appear on the vendor's invoice)


  • The dispense screen now allows a one-step refund of item that was cancelled by the doctor after billing.


  • Fixed issue of deposit not appearing in certain corner cases in the registration page


  • Item manufacturer name included on the receipt to satisfy a local drug-inspector’s requirement in one of our hospitals.

A total of 43 improvements have been made in this release.

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